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The Green Spectrum Enigma

There is a great deal of controversy and misinformation regarding the role (or lack thereof) of Green spectrum in photosynthesis. One common misconception is that because plants are green (due to the photosynthetic pigment Chlorophyll being GREEN)they do not absorb and consequently metabolize green light. In part this is true, for plants do reflect away more green light than other spectrums and that is precisely WHY they look green. But they reflect only a portion of the Green light away. Some does penetrate into the leaf and can be utilized so in this article I am going to examine this complicated and poorly understood process.

When I first spoke to Eric I was absolutely blown away by his professionalism, knowledge, and work ethic. But what really makes Eric stand at the top of his profession in my eyes was his kindness, genuineness, and willingness to help. Getting to work with Eric is an absolute pleasure, and I always learn something new or gain a new prospective each time I talk with him. Out of all the individuals that I have worked with in the cannabis industry, Eric Harrington is an individual that I can not recommend enough.

“In all my 35 years running greenhouses, and my 2 years in cannabis production, I have finally found a lighting representative that actually knows what he is talking about. Eric was able to teach me how LED’s would work in our greenhouse environment and why they would outperform the alternatives. 

From the general science of lighting to actual lighting and controls designs, he is on top of his game and I feel confident Eric can help any operation maximize their potential with his designs and products.  He provides excellent service, and he is by far the most intelligent lighting “expert” I have met, and I have met a lot in the past 2 years. “