Environmental Design & Technology

Buying the right equipment is not enough.  Manufacturers seldom have the expertise to optimally apply even their own products in every application, not to mention integrating them with other systems. We fill that essential role by helping you choose the right products and optimal design for your application, making your rooms work better and more reliably,  insuring optimal yields, quality and repeatability.

Whether you’re designing a new building, grow-room, or lighting installation, EDT can help you maximize your results.

  • Cultivation Facility Planning & Design – Building design, workflow design, power infrastructure and co-generation.
  • Lighting and Controls Optimization – Lighting selection and layout, environmental controls and HVAC design consulting.
  • Training and Education – Staff education and problem solving.
  • GreenSky Green-warehouse Design/Build – revolutionary “green-warehouse’ utilizing an exciting new light gathering transparent ceiling system. All the advantages of indoor grows with the same sunlight performance as a traditional greenhouse.