About Us

With an education in Physics and Electrical Engineering , Eric Harrington began his career in Building Automation with Honeywell Energy Services in 1979, including six-weeks of intensive training in Lighting, HVAC and Building Automation design at the Honeywell headquarters in Minneapolis MN.

 A decade later, EDT was founded in 1992 by Eric Harrington to offer schools and municipalities expertise in the areas of building automation, energy efficiency and lighting. EDT was also involved product development projects as diverse as an optics system for a high-power projection TV product, various lighting fixture designs, a rollable silicone pocket keyboard for PDA’s and various innovative skylight designs, as well as numerous commercial building automation and lighting projects.

 In 2009 Eric Harrington and EDT jumped into the exploding Cannabis cultivation space with both feet, recognizing the opportunity to leverage over 40 years of lighting and building automation experience, as well as a diverse array of related sciences including co-generation, acoustics, IT and network design, etc.. to create a versatile consulting practice to fill the expertise vacuum found in such a new and rapidly growing industry.

Mr. Harrington also recognized that Cannabis grows have special needs and problems, and so in 2009 he also started a small commercial cannabis grow operation in So Cal as a kind of grow laboratory, to research the use and efficacy of HID lighting, (and later the new LED lighting products,)  as well as better understanding the environmental controls requirements of a commercial grow-room.  Based on Mr. Harrington’s research into the effects of UVB and THC production, in 2009 California LightWorks created the SolarStorm LED line featuring Integrated UVB lamps.

 In 2014 Mr. Harrington again partnered with California LightWorks — by then an industry leader in LED Grow lights — in a relationship which continues to the present. Mr. Harrington has been instrumental in providing CLW with guidance in their product design and application, and he has become a recognized expert in the area of lighting cannabis cultivation and automating environmental controls, and he teaches best practices and lighting design and science at numerous cannabis trade shows, pod-casts and periodicals..

With the rebranding of EDT as a cannabis consulting firm focusing on commercial cultivation operations,  Mr. Harrington is providing brand agnostic consulting services and turn-key lighting installations with the express goal of helping cultivation operations find the right lighting and controls system, and then design and apply them correctly for the specific grow application.