FLRish Farms / Harborside GH2


EDT provided Lighting design services in partnership with California LightWorks  for the FLRish Farms/Harborside Greenhouse #2.  The greenhouse is a 1 acre existing greenhouse that was raised and upgraded by FLRish Farms. EDT provided the lighting layout and calculations for the project using the California LightWorks Solar System 550 LED grow-light with photosensor control.  The innovative layout with a tiered mounting strategy provided a lighting uniformity within 10 uMols of the spec. A recent side-by-side shootout with one of the competitive top-tier White LED grow-lights products we won’t name, resulted in the CLW system out-performing the Industry leading White LED system by 15% in yield with significant improvements in flower-density and structure. EDT’s extensive research into daylight spectrum dynamics,  and subsequently how to optimize supplementation to create Greenhouse flower structure closer to indoor results,  was instrumental in delivering these exciting results.