GreenSky Green-warehouses

GreenSky is a revolutionary new horticultural building design that merges the best aspects of an indoor warehouse grow environment with the daylight performance of a greenhouse. GreenSky advantages include:

  • Indoor CO2 enrichment capability. Sealed indoor environment eliminates potential for outdoor air contamination issues such as pesticide drift and pest and mold infiltration.
  • Indoor style air-conditioning and de-humidification instead of wet-wall evap cooling and forced hot-air de-humidification.
  • High R-value outer shell and minimal outside air infiltration allows the building to be operated in the hot, dry desert regions where the sun shines weather-free 360 days a year.
  • Sunlight performance comparable to traditional greenhouses. 800+ uMols at mid-day in So Cal.
  • Requires 50% of the total annual electrical consumption of a normal indoor grow.
  • Superior lighting quality and consistency when compared to traditional¬† greenhouses.
  • less expensive than similar sized hybrid greenhouse with solid walls.
  • Integrated black-out curtain system eliminates costly and cumbersome black-out curtain assemblies.¬†
  • Indoor quality Cannabis from the sun!
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