EDT Services

EDT Services include:

  • Facility Planning and Design – EDT can provide consulting and design services starting with site planning, license acquisition and construction permitting.  We can also guide you in choosing the best cultivation facility design for your business plan, and we work closely with industry leading Greenhouse Manufacturers and Architects, as well as our innovative new GreenSky GreenWarehouse design. (Call for details)
  • Lighting and Environmental Design and Turn-key Build – Buying a top-quality light is not enough.  You have to buy the RIGHT light for your application and then utilize it in the right design for both the light and the application. Every photon counts, and just following the manufacturers guidelines seldom achieves optimal lighting conditions.  Eric Harrington is a recognized expert in horticultural lighting and he will work with your master grower to design and deliver an optimal lighting product AND design,  as well as an environmental control system integrating all aspects of your grow in a HOLISTIC control and monitoring / logging environment from the cloud.  Never let a pump failure or a bad timer cost you a harvest again.
  • Training and Education –  EDT Principal Eric Harrington is an recognized expert in the science of lighting and Cannabis and his research has driven numerous innovations in the industry since 2009. Eric provides on-going presentations at Canna-Con, Indo Expo, Canna Grow Expo and numerous other trade shows throughout the US and Canada. He is also available to educate and train client personnel in the science of lighting and cannabis and how it relates to overall environmental control in your facility.
  • Cultivation Operations Consulting –  EDT has partnered with some of the top Cannabis Cultivation Consultants to assist you in choosing the right grow automation and fertigation technology to best meet your requirements.